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My last foster kitten has finally been adopted. Unfortunately [06 Feb 2013|02:38pm]
My last foster kitten has finally been adopted.
Unfortunately I'm currently feeling unbelievably sad that he is gone. House suddenly very empty. :-(
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Distressing hair news [17 Apr 2012|07:03pm]
Ruby Rouge has closed!
This is completely awful - I'm being a bridemaid at a friend's wedding in a month and I was relying on her to make my hair look decent.
Any recs for non-awful hairdressers in Oxford? Or anyone have her mobile number so I can find out where she is working now?

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Watch this it is amazing [05 Mar 2012|11:21pm]

"Featuring an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and others, "8" is a play written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and directed by acclaimed actor and director Rob Reiner. It is a powerful account of the case filed by the American Federation for Equal Rights (AFER ) in the U.S. District Court in 2010 to overturn Proposition 8 [LINK], a constitutional amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. Framed around the trial's historic closing arguments in June 2010, 8 provides an intimate look what unfolded when the issue of same-sex marriage was on trial."

It's long, but very worth it.

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Avoid: new look click and collect [16 Dec 2011|03:59pm]
If you are contemplating using New Look's click and collect service, take my afternoon adventure as a cautionary tale and AVOID!

Nothing about the process was satisfactory. Items were the wrong size, wrong colour, one top was missing altogether. Asked for a refund on the missing top, nope have to call their customer service line and have it resent. Attempted to return the incorrect items and was told I could only have credit note. Said credit note is printed on receipt paper and could not be exchanged to a gift card or anything else that looks like it will survive a week in my purse.
I'm extremely irritated by the whole process, and I've spent £50 and got a £5 top and a slip of paper of a evening on the phone to customer service for my trouble.
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New Year's Eve plans [13 Dec 2011|11:23am]
Has anyone got New Year's Eve plans in Oxford I can crash? (Rhys is probably going to a part 3+ hours away and I'm not sure I can face the drive)
Alternatively, if I did something on NYE at mine, anyone else without plans fancy mine?

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Ah! Forget My Fate [25 Nov 2011|04:41pm]
Anyone else going tonight? Want to meet up beforehand?

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A favour [19 Nov 2011|12:42pm]
Does anyone have University of Oxford on their payslips and is willing to let me shamelessly use this to get a cheaper mobile phone?

(Orange currently offering 25% off line rental if you can bring in a friend who works for Uni of Oxford. Sadly my contract is paid through Reed rather than direct)

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Bonfire Night [05 Nov 2011|07:25pm]
I had forgotten how much the constant banging puts me on edge :(

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[20 Oct 2011|03:29pm]

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Countdown! [22 Sep 2011|04:29pm]
Until jacinthsong is

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Until jacinthsong [22 Sep 2011|04:28pm]

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Very Brief House-sitting [14 Sep 2011|06:50pm]
Anyone available for a couple of hours this Friday afternoon. Ideally needed 1pm to 4pm. Could come with lunch beforehand as added incentive.

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Awesome video [12 Sep 2011|12:45pm]

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Which Pizza Hut? [02 Sep 2011|07:06pm]
It has been pointed out to me that I am incredably bad at organising parties.

Reminder: My fake birthday starts at 2pm tomorrow.
New Information I should have given you earlier: George Street Pizza Hut.

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Math geekery and body fail [26 Aug 2011|02:36pm]
- While filling in a form about past addresses, I realised nearly every house I have lived in since uni has had a square number in it (9, 16, 81, and 25 so far. The one spoiling the pattern is the last address, 10)

unhappy/ possible side effectsCollapse )

One Month after my Birthday celebration invitation (for 3rd Sept)

The plan: A late lunch at Pizza Hut at 2pm and then a silly traditional children's birthday party at my new house. (If you don't know where that is, e-mail me) I will supply hats, balloons and party bags.

I would like you all to bring a huge mound of presents of a light-hearted brightly coloured nature and a spirit of childish wonder/hyped up on sugar and e-numbers wonder. And a cushion, because we do not have many chairs in the house yet.
Likely to descend into Disney films, party games and giggling in the evening.
People are welcome to sleep over, but there is a very limited amount of (blown-up) bed space and the aforementioned lack of chairs/furniture. Preference will be given to those who are far away/need beds.

Dress code: Party clothes, however you wish to interpret that. Preferably covered in rainbow glitter.

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[25 Aug 2011|04:44pm]
During a conversation about levels of privilege/snobbery at Oxford, I had occasion to look up the current published entry statistics.


What really hit me was the change from 2009 to 2010 (More detailed breakdowns by school type, about halfway down the page) - the number of state school students who applied went up by over a 1000. The number accepted went down by 8.

I have heard frequently that the biggest problem with improving student diversity is that they don't apply in high enough numbers. Hopefully this is sufficient to refute that claim - looking at that, there is no reason to believe that if every student in the country applied the diversity of the students would be any different.

I think that the fucked-up nature of the acceptance tables by race is well known, but just in case

White applicants are 4 time more likely to get into Oxford than students of Black African ethnicity and 2.60 times more than students of Pakistani ethinicity.


And my perennial bugbear, gender

Arts does surprising well, accepting 971 men vs 906 women. Although noting that 400 more women than men applied, it is still disappoint. However science fails hard. 792 men vs 485 women. 1.6 men for every women. Cocks. Yes less women applied, but not enough that they wouldn't have be able to find enough qualified able women to balance that out a bit. I hoping these extra men are nearly all willing to date other men, because this imbalance is going to have serious implications for the Oxford dating scene.

And maths, maths my love my dream my one my only? I think I am going to have to ask it for a divorce. 121 men vs 52 women. 2.3 men for every woman. I bet the women just love their subject socials. (And this is not a women applying for stats issue, at 14 vs. 8 they are doing better, but barely touch the surface of the CLUSTERFUCK OF FAIL THAT IS MY SUBJECT)


If anyone wants me, I'm in my room studying for my PhD in Patriarchal Numerics.

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I made there be costume [08 Aug 2011|01:38am]
I was going to make a long post about it. But I haven't and several days have past, so I will just post a link to flickr

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[22 Jul 2011|08:19am]
Anyone available tonight~ 6pm to help move our tv - Rhys has buggered his back carrying a (large) injured child at school, and we could realy do with (at least) two additional bodies to move tv. Should be able to drop you off in Oxford afterwards, but would need to make own way to Didcot.

Edit: Have offer of car and 1 body at 6, can anyone else make that time? Pretty Pretty please?

Edit2: Sorted! Thanks guys!
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Moving house is hard [21 Jul 2011|11:09pm]

Have been out of communications loop for last week due to house moving fun. going on holiday next week, but will be around and about Oxford from start of August.

(so if I'm failing to pick up your calls/phone you back it's not because I am ded or hate you. Except jacinthsong - I do hate you and this entire post is a LIE designed to lull you into keeping your awfulness away from me for a few days.)

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Morgan and West on tv tonight [16 Jul 2011|07:56am]

My best beloved is on Penn and Teller Fool Us tonight on ITV1 at 9pm. I am finding this very exciting and I encourage everyone to watch because My Rhys! On tv! Doing magic!

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